X-raying the Increase in Voters’ Registration Geo politically


Since the return of stable democracy from 1999 political office holders have been bombarding their supporters with promises yet unfulfilled during every election period in the country. It is an electioneering whereby the person that has the highest cash will automatically becomes the winner after he might have induced voters with money.

Election in this part of the world is the type where candidates (governors and senators) go from one community to another with float of cars, pickups and SUVs with their supporters thronging around the streets with drums and trumpets singing and dancing under the scorching sun as if a messiah is passing by likewise the presidential candidates in their respective parties.

Despite these jamborees, on the actual day of election the zeal with which they displayed during campaigns will weaned down maybe because for some that was the only opportunity they will have to come close to the politicians they have been seeing on television, reading on the pages of daily newspapers or even hearing them on radio while for some there is always a perception that money will be shared during rallies.

Focusing on the southern part of the country in Southsouth, two states were recorded to have the highest registered voters in the region. IAccordingtodatareleasedbytheIndependentNationalElectoralCommission,INEC.In 2011 the number of registered voters in Delta state was 2,032,191, in 2015, the number increased to 2,044,372 and in 2019 registered voters were 2,845,274 also in Rivers state, 2,429,231 voters registered for the 2011 election, in 2015, it was a little bit lower than the previous year with 2,324,300 and in it went up high to 3,215,273.

What could have resulted to the upsurge in these two states on voters’ registration? Rivers state is a highly dominated PDP state and two giant political playmakers from different political parties; APC the ruling party and PDP the opposition party.   Ritimi Amechi, Minister of Transport and former governor of the state from 2011 to 2015 decamped to the ruling party just before the 2015 general elections while the governor of the state Nyesom Wike a prominent PDP member in the region is also contesting for the second tenure as governor in the state. With over three million registered voters in Rivers state all hands will be deck from the two political parties on how the votes will be shared come February 16.

Delta is at the heart of the forthcoming elections both political will be watching closely how votes will emerge from these state, they will make a great determinant from the south-south on presidential election. With over two million registered voters in the state which automatically is a PDP state, Governor IfeanyiOkowa who is also vying for second term in will do what is possible to make sure that his state delivers his state for the presidential election. In 2018, the former Governor of the state, Emmanuel Uduaghan decamped to the ruling party just the before the 2019 general elections heat started will this have adverse effect on how votes will swing for the two parties. These two states are regarded as heavy weight in the south-south region considering the number of registered voters they pulled out.

Taking a closer look at the entire six geopolitical zones in the country, northern part is divided into three zones; northwest recorded 24%, northeast with 13.44% while north central had 15%. Coming to the southern region, the south-south had the highest number of registered voters with 15.29%, southeast the lowest in the region with 11.97% while 19.39% for the southwest.

Critically looking at the northeast and the northwest with the highest number of registered voters, these two states over the last half a decade and presently known to be troubled states with Bokoharam insurgency especially northeast and yet they emerged as the states with the highest voters’ registration.

In the northeast, three states are on the eye of the political parties. Adamawa, in 2011 registered 1,816094 voters and in 2015, 1,973,083 voters emerged. Borno state which is largely plagued with Bokoharam maintained the two million registered voters of 2,380,957 in 2011, there was sharp decline in 2015 that was the period terrorist had its free hand in the state before a strong resistant from Nigerian Military, it recorded 1,799,669 voters in 2015. When sanity was gradually returning to the state voters’ registration surges to 2,315,956.

The northeast Adamawa state is where the Presidential candidate of the PDP Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is from while President Muhammadu Buhari is from Katsina State the northwest. The presidential election is between these two regions. The whole of the northwest has 20,158,100 voters waiting to cast their votes for the presidential election while the whole of northeast has 11,289,293 registered voters also waiting to cast their votes come February 16, 2019.

These two regions can determine who the next leader will be for another four years that is largely dependent on the number that will vote.




As the country prepares for this year’s general election scheduled to hold on February 16 and March 2, 2019 for the Presidential and National Assembly, Governorship and State House of Assembly respectively the Department of State Services (DSS) call on all players as regards to the election – political parties and their candidates, citizens, electorates, National and International Observers, Electoral Officers, the media and all security operatives involved during and after the conduct of the elections to be law abiding. The Service made known of its full commitment and adequate security throughout and after the duration of the of the elections.

It however called on politicians and the youths to desist from acts of violence during and after the election and also urged observers to abide by the principles of election monitoring as provided by in the Electoral Act which states clearly roles of stakeholders and also observers should carryout their duties according to international best practices.

The DSS promised to carryout its duties professionally within the confines of the law in detecting and preventing possible threats that may distort the free conduct of the elections across the country. It therefore, ensures that arrests will be made if any persons found wanting to distabilize or act against the objective of carrying out peaceful and orderly elections.

In information dissemination, the Service made it known that it will not condone fake news, hate speech or incendiary from individuals ot groups targeted at distabilizing the country during the election or inciting statement that may result to political sentiment that will provoke violence. It also issued a warning to prospective law breakers to beware of undermining national security. The Service will not watch and fold its arms on street miscreants and mischief makers who are capable to bring chaos and havoc upon the nation.

The Service however called on the public to support the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC and security operatives in achieving a violent free elections. Also, citizens should be law abiding and to give relevant information on suspected individuals who are into thuggery, theft of electoral materials and form of violence.

The Service however advised all citizens to conduct themselves responsibly during and after the elections and that they should carryout their civic responsibilities without or fear of intimidation as it out to ensure safety of lives and properties and also to be vigilant.

In order to help carryout its operations effectively, the following contact channels are available for citizens to use to get in touch with the Service. 07055655591, 09030002189 email: dsspr@dss.gov.ng

Zimbabwean Billionaire Support Rural Entrepreneurs in Africa

In a move to reduce poverty in Africa Zimbabwean billionaire Strive Misiyiwa and his wife Tsitsi pledges to support rural entrepreneurs in Africa for the next five years with a 100 million dollars fund.

This came as a backdrop of the alarming poverty rate in the continent, the fund was set aside from the billionaire personal money. He however challenged other wealthy men and philanthropists in the world from Africa to support his course in reducing poverty in Africa.

He stated on his Facebook page that the fund will be as loans with a 5 per cent interest rate which is aimed at supporting entrepreneurs with genuine projects that is focused on rural development in Africa.
He promised that the fund will not in any way disturb his other commitments towards education and the 60 million dollars fund for water and sanitation program in Harare.

He clearly stated that politics will not be played towards the disbursement of the funds to those who needs it and that the project is focused towards young people in Africa which will include women. The billionaire is worth 2 billion USD.

US Government Pledge Support for STEM Project

According to the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization (UNESCO) about 30 per cent of all female students globally select Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related fields in the university, with this low rate, the United States Government has stepped in to partner with the Nigerian government to increase the number of girls studying STEM.

This was announced on Monday February 11, 2019 at the Silverbird Galleria Lagos at a press briefing to journalists and stakeholders in attendance.

The remarks was made by US Consul General F. John Bray during the commemoration of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science set aside by the United Nations globally.
Attendees had the opportunity to watch a movie ‘Hidden Figures’ – a film which showcased women in their various fields of endeavours in science was screened at the cinema to inspire and make government including individuals to pledge support to develop the next generation of STEM women in the country and globally.


Write for the Web

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Tips for Twitter Domination PT. 1

1. Use images, videos, and GIFs when linking. Video reply to people
People are rarely doing this, but it;s a good way for fostering community. Also, if you’re a company, you are giving people a chance to be the face of the company. It can be like “Thank you for your retweet. Thank you.”. Ad simple as that.

2. Create a weekly Twitter chat
Use the specific hashtag, invite influencer to answer questions and people will see the answers and like identify with them, which will make them retweet or tweet about it. It is very good for engagement.

3. Pin a relevant and well-performing tweet to your profile
If you have a really popular tweet, or a campaign or something that you really want people to see, pin it to your profile. It’s the first thing anybody sees on your profile and it can highlight some content.

4. Create your own branded GIFs and use it everywhere
Rarely anyone is doing this. Nike certainly is. Giphy is a search engine for GIFs, brands are recognizing it and creating branded GIFs related to certain keywords. If you’re not, you are missing a chance.
#twitter #tip #howto

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Senator Dino Melaye: An Escapee

Senator Dino Melaye: An Escapee

It started when the distinguished Senator, Dino Melaye representing Kogi West Senatorial District took to the media accusing his own state governor, His Excellency, Yahaya Bello of embezzling state funds through his caretaker committee, he failed to conduct Local government election also grounding the educational institutions into a halt which is plagued with months of strikes with the health institution and non payment of 15 months workers’ salaries and pensioners after separately receiving 20 billion naira bailout fund and 11 billion naira from the Paris Club Fund. These were the allegations the senator tabled against the governor which to some extent the governor should come out to give answer to these allegations.

To somewhat a retaliation (which many may call it the law of karma), after Dino’s first blow, electorates from Kogi west took to the streets with placards in peaceful demonstration expressing their displeasure that the senator is not representing them well as he ought. In one of their many grievances; they said that since he became senator he did not put in place an office secretariat for his district alongside other constituency projects which he suppose to carry out.  With this uproar and agitations from his people it suggests that the senator has lost touch with his people and he’s not carrying them along in the process of democracy and he’s yet to give his people what we termed as ‘dividends of democracy’.

As if that was not enough for the vocal Senator who is not a stranger in Nigeria’s political arena and also a politician who have kept the media busy, recently turned a musician (the Ajeku crooner) posted more than a minute music video freestyle on his Instagram page mocking Sahara Reporter – an online investigative news media organization who reported that the senator did not graduate from Ahmadu Bello University, ABU Zaria and also he did not attend Havard University. To deepen these allocations, it took ABU Zaria about a week to come out to clear the uncertainties surrounding the Senator’s university status not until when the Senate set up a committee to look into the matter and it invited the University Don and it was discovered that the senator was a graduate of ABU Zaria, on that of the Havard University in less than a week the overseas University quickly came out to discredit the senator’s claim that his name is not in any of their record books.

In a smart move, the senator opened up that he only attended a business programme in Havard University and that he was given a certificate of participation (but does that really suggest that you are a Havard graduate?).

That was an escape for the Senator.

Another interesting adventure from the senator was an encounter he had with the wife of the former Governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu (Jagaban), Chief Mrs. Oluremi Tinubu a serving senator in the National Assembly, it was reported in the media that Dino Melaye verbally attacked the female Senator during a closed door session late 2015 and she lashed back on Dino Melaye.

After the media reported the verbal exchanges some indigenes in Lagos state issued a warning that Senator Dino Melaye should not be seen in Lagos state but the audacious and fearless senator posted pictures of himself in Lagos walking freely and nothing happened afterwards.

That was another escape for the senator.

Senator Dino Melaye has had many challenges while serving as a member of the House of Representatives. We should be able to recall that he was almost stripped naked having his clothes torn in shreds after having a brawl with members of his colleagues over an issue now swept under the carpet and that led him to be suspended indefinitely by the leader of the House for the rest of the tenure.

Back to his constituency political row, it is yet unclear if the governor of his state connived with those from his constituency to join forces to write to the nation’s electoral umpire (INEC) to recall the senator. When the news broke in the media that he’s to be recalled a lot of Nigerians were interested in the process because in the history of Nigeria’s democracy no serving politician has received a petition to be recalled by the electorates and so it became an interesting drama not only to see senator being stripped off from his senator status but also Nigerians wanted to see how the process will be conducted if it’s going to be faired on the people or favoured to the individual by INEC. Following that demand the electoral umpire rolled out a timetable for the recall process but the senator being a smooth operator quickly hired the nation’s top legal giant, Mike Ozekhome SAN, and the lawyer head to the Federal High court in Abuja on June 23, 2017 to file a suit against INEC to put a stop on the recall of his client and his petition was granted.

There was mixed feelings in the hearts of many watchers (supporters, agitators and the general public) of how the process will be conducted which was truncated when the court went in favour of the senator.

I would say that was an escape for the embattled senator, everything now rest on INEC who has nothing to do but to obey the court order and also his constituents either to fight on or settle things under the table.

We are watching…!

Just my take!